Monday 21 October 2013

Top 5 Saxophone Players Of All Time

Saxophone is an amazing instrument that has long been a central part of big band and jazz music. It has provided some fantastic tunes to songs as well as some very moving emotions. Here are the top five saxophone players of all time. If you are into sax music you should definitely check them out.

1. John Coltrane

Perhaps, the most famous sax player John Coltrane is also regarded as one of the best as well. His intensity while he was playing was astounding and the progression and speed he brought to jazz music in the 50s and 60s is something beyond imagination. He loved to keep challenging himself and as a result has provided some of the most memorable performances of all times.

2. Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker played an instrumental role in developing jazz music during the hay days. He is very rightly picked out to be the most influential jazz saxophonist by the Top Tenz website. He introduced a lot of new chord progressions to saxophone playing and in the end transformed sax music into what we all love and enjoy today.

3. Kenny G.

If you are looking for the most commercially successful sax player then you will be hard-pressed to think of a better name than Kenny G. This legendary curly-haired jazz musician has produced some of the biggest selling sax albums.
He has been playing together and producing music with some of the biggest selling artists as well, such as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin to name but a few.

4. Sonny Rollins

One of the earliest saxophone players to master the hard bop sound, Sonny Rollins is a true legend in the genre. He has brought a lot of blues type of sounds to jazz music and really mastered this combination in a touching way. Perhaps the most obvious choice for his best performance would be the Saxophone Colossus. It is simply a masterpiece.

5. Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman is a bit of a jazz rebel because he really did break all the rules and regulations when it comes to making music. He is one of the best players at creating suspense and mood in a piece that really makes you forget where you are. Perhaps he also has the most unique style of all in this list and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all.

The above are just some of the best saxophone players that have inspired many others and brought something new to the genre. Playing saxophone is a wonderful hobby because music can provide you with so much enjoyment.

If you want to get into playing saxophone there are a lot of websites with saxophone lessons available and this can be a very convenient way to learn to play the instrument. Websites, like Pro Music Tutor, offer a lot of tutorials that you can take at any time it suits you. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of playing a saxophone and learn to do so from the comfort of your own home.

Author: Tina is enthusiastic about saxophone music and she could listen to it all day long. She also loves to find new talent and is hoping more young people would learn to play this great instrument as well.

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